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Spend Your Tax Refund on a Home Down Payment

Tax Refund

As March concludes and April approaches, that can only mean one thing: Christmas has come early and the gifts are going to start coming in! That is, if you’re lucky enough to have gotten a tax refund this year. So, how are you planning on spending the extra money you’re getting from your federal or…Read More

Tips for First-Time Homebuyers


If you’re a first-time homebuyer, the whole process can seem pretty overwhelming. You’re likely working with multiple people – like realtors and mortgage lenders – and plenty of financial and real estate jargon gets thrown around. The whole experience can be both stressful and exciting. There are a few tips for future or first-time homebuyers…Read More

Fast Pass Your Way with Prequalification

As a society, nobody likes to wait.  Very few of us have the patience to wait, which is why Disney World offers the “Fast Pass” and the NFL made the fast line concession stand for season ticket holders. These monoliths know how to manage our waiting expectations.   Banks also jumped to this conclusion and later…Read More

Pacor Mortgage: Helping Homeowners Since 1986

Pacor Mortgage

Pacor Mortgage is a Chicagoland based company and outstanding resource for mortgage financing. Now in our 31st year of business, our management team has seen the company grow through the most challenging markets. Our experience is what makes us the optimal choice for your mortgage needs, making us a reliable partner when it comes to…Read More